Fun with American Miniature horses

American Miniature Horses

We don’t seem to get a real winter this year. Even in our area we have had barely any snow, it’s all muddy and grey. But of course we have lots of fun with our American Miniature horses, snow or no snow :-).

A couple of days ago Veronika shared this little video with me. She had a friend with her when she was training and put together the video. The minis are really clever and they do love the attention and work. Due to this we try to make the training as versatile as possible to not bore them and keep them happy.


All the mares are broke to drive now or at least know work with long reins and ground driving. A little spin around the meadows with the sulky is a lot of fun for everyone involved and also a nice change from halter training and conditioning. Jumping exercises and cavaletti training in the round pen are a always a favorite. Some circus tricks and showmanship training make the versatile training program complete.

All training and work is done with patience and without pushing or forcing the horses. They get little pieces of carrots as treats and reward and love it. With this kind of work hopefully the dark winter days will pass soon and we can make a fresh start into the new season :-).

PS: The cover photo was taken last winter – we are still waiting in vain for a nice clear and bright winter day like this…

PPS: In case you are wondering who is who, starring in the video are Gem, Magic (darker bay), Fleurie (lighter bay), Krissi and then driving also Krissi and Fleurie.