American Miniature Horse Mares

I purchased my first American Miniature mare in 2012. And it turned out to be a real stroke of luck. The purchase went off as you normally should not do it. I had done only little research before and mostly bought the mare because of a tip on Facebook and a few photos. But fortunately the breeders did not promise too much. “Juliet” (Ravenwood A Year To Remember) turned out to be a beautiful and correct mini mare.

Since then, some more mares have found their way here. Some were sold again, because they did not fit so well. By now, I own a small group of excellent mares. Most of them have proven themselves with their show records and/or quality offspring. My herd consists of both American Miniature Horses and American Shetland ponies.

I have a preference for tall and elegant mares. Unlike some other breeders, I am less fixated on details such as extreme Arabian heads, very small minis, special colors or spectacular movement. What I am looking for in a mare is a harmonious overall picture. In addition to beauty and correctness, I also put a big emphasis on a willing and gentle disposition.
All mares are AMHR registered, some also AMHA or ASPC.

I don’t own a stallion anymore and only use outside stallions for breeding. For one, it is so much quieter in the barn. In addition, I prefer to select the right stallion for a mare, instead of covering all the mares by the same stallion. The selection of stallions in Europe is big enough so that I can choose the best match for each mare.

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