Mini horse plans for 2022

Cross J Painted Gem, ASPC/AMHR mare

There hasn’t been an update for a long time and not much has happened in the meantime. But as the days get longer, this year’s foal and show season is also approaching.

If everything goes well, we are expecting two foals this year. Gem (Cross J Painted Gem) is in foal to Caldwells National Treasure. Conveniently, “Nate” was standing at stud in the Czech Republic last year, so for once it didn’t take half a trip around the world to get Gem in foal. He is an American Shetland Pony stallion imported from the USA and is triple registered with ASPC, AMHR and AMHA. I wanted to use a small stallion for the rather big Gem, so the choice fell on Nate. He has already made a name for himself as a sire in the USA and can look back on a number of successful offspring.

Caldwells Nationals Treasure (ASPC/AMHR/AMHA)
Caldwells Nationals Treasure (ASPC/AMHR/AMHA)

The second foal we are expecting is by Fleurie (Modello STR Bailamos Firenze). It is her first foal and the excitement is high! After the two beautiful fillies we got last year sired by EBF John’s Extacy, Fleurie was also in Holland and bred to him. Not only are his foals beautiful and very friendly, they also have the dilute color as the icing on the cake.

EBF John's Extasy
EBF John’s Extasy (AMHA/AMHR)

If all goes according to plan, two of our miniature horses will be presented at this year’s shows for American Miniature Horses. “Oriana” (DelSastre EBF Mi Oriana) will be in training with So Chic Miniatures in Normandy, France. She will be shown by Jules Ancelin.

DelSastre EBF Mi Oriana
DelSastre EBF Mi Oriana

Oriana’s older sister Princesa Roja (EBF DelSastre Mi Princesa Roja) is also in France. She is training at Elevage de la Buise, where she was born. Since she will be three years old in May, she will be shown as a Senior Mare this year. Before that, Veronika had already started with breaking her to drive – a nice change in the usual routine which both of them obviously enjoyed. This is now on pause and will be continued next winter.

EBF DelSastre Mi Princesa Roja, AMHA/AMHR
EBF DelSastre Mi Princesa Roja