Miniature Foals 2019

American Miniature Horse foal

We are said to say that the season of miniature foals 2019 did not start well for us. The highly anticipated foal of Magic (HT Da Magic Moment) was born 3 weeks early and not alive. Luckily Magic was coping well and got over it quite soon. Now she is back in training for hunter, jumper and driving and seems to really enjoy it. It’s too bad that we can’t repeat this cross. The stallion passed away last year already. But we have plans of breeding her to another stallion in the future and hope we will have more luck the second time.

Miniaturpferde-Fohlen 2019

As if to make up for the bad luck with the first foal, the second foal is all we were hoping for and more. She was born on May 30th at C├ędric’s (Elevage de la Buise) in France. As hoped (and ordered) it is a beautiful little sorrel filly. Her color was not really a surprise with both sire and dam being sorrel ;-). This filly is a nearly identical copy of her dam Kelly (Aloha MRF Silent In Red). The sire Oak Bay Mi Amigo has passed on his fantastic upright neck and his movement.

With such successful parents and what we can see so far, we have a very promising show filly for the future. And after some thinking, the appropriate name was found: Mi Princesa Roja – my red princess :-). Kelly is currently being bred back to Mi Amigo. And of course we hope for a second great foal from this cross in 2020.

More Miniature Foals 2019

Miniature Foals 2019 1

For those of you who wonder who the cute little Buckskin foal on the Instagram photos is: that’s Aurelio (SVH Hard To Beat’s Aurelio). He’s the foal of our Krissi (DelSastre Al Attal Hawk Krystal), which I bought back late last year. She was in foal at the time and Aurelio will go back to his breeders Chantal and Thomas in Holland after weaning.

Miniaturpferde-Fohlen 2019