No snow at all …

American Miniature Horse Training

There are unfortunately no snow photos in winter 2019/2020. It was probably the first almost completely snow-free winter in a long time. This is really unusual for the upper Ore Mountains. Instead we a lot of rain for that. In connection with clay soil this turned our paddock trail and part of the pastures into a mud field.

This was tackled with mud control grid at the end of February. Now the horses have a generously paved area around the hay rack. And the first part of our little paddock trail was done as well. More will be done in the fall if everything goes according to plan.

Due to the corona crisis and the borders to Czech closed due to it, our minis are enjoying a training break. Veronika cannot come to training as usual in the coming weeks. But there are some photos from one of the last training sessions.

The girls – Fleurie and Magic – still have their “winter figure” and also plenty of hair. But they can really move if they want to. And a little pole training is always fun. Whether and when there will be shows this year remains to be seen. But in the meantime we try to work on our bikini figure ;-).